As the snow begins to melt and the temperature rises, Estes Park and the lower elevations are a great place to watch the Elk.  Fall is known to be the best time to see Elk in Estes Park because of the rut, but spring can be a good time to spot them as well.

Estes Park is home to some of the largest elk herds in the world and the spring season is a great time to witness the beauty and grace of these magnificent animals. Visitors can observe them from a safe distance as they roam around the town and the surrounding areas.  They can often be found roaming the golf course in Estes! The best time to see the elk is in the early morning or late afternoon, when they are most active.

Another popular spot to view the elk is the Moraine Park area, located just a few miles from downtown Estes Park. Here, visitors can sometimes witness the impressive sight of large groups of elk grazing together in the meadows. The area is also home to a variety of other wildlife, including mule deer, coyotes, and a variety of birds.

You can also experience the elk in the spring by taking a guided tour. There are several tour companies in the area that offer guided hikes and wildlife watching excursions. These tours provide visitors with the opportunity to learn about the ecology and behavior of the elk and other wildlife in the region.

It is important to remember that while the elk may appear docile and gentle, they are still wild animals and should be respected from a safe distance. Visitors should never approach or attempt to feed the elk, as this can be dangerous for both humans and the animals.

In addition to the elk, Estes Park offers a variety of other activities and attractions for visitors to enjoy in the spring. From hiking and fishing to shopping and dining, there is something for everyone in our charming mountain town.

If you are thinking of visiting Estes Park this spring, please consider staying at one of our two luxury vacation rentals.  Park Entrance Lodge, with 8 bedrooms, incredible views and amenities galore (hot tub, fire pit, pool table, indoor shuffleboard table and even an indoor basketball court) and conveniently located between the main entrance to the park and the downtown shopping area of Estes Park (just a mile and a half in both directions) is the perfect getaway for large groups! Lake Estes Retreat, with four bedrooms and five baths is located on Lake Estes and has incredible views of the lake and mountains (along with a hot tub and fire pit), plenty of outdoor space and a unique and luxurious design of a rustic timber cabin completely updated with modern amenities!

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